Our Mission

D-Dance is the first dance and diabetes focused workshop.  Our mission is the help children, teens, and families living with T1D to lead active, artistic lives through dance.  

One of the hardest parts of having Type One Diabetes is learning how to safely partake in physical activity.  Dance is a very specific type of activity and presents its own challenges for T1D dancers.  At D-Dance we want to help you face those challenges head on.  Moreover, we want you to it in an environment where you can connect with other T1D's who also love to dance.  Having community is so important and the T1D's are pretty sweet people.

There are two ways D-Dance is working to achieve this goal of fostering confidence in T1D dancers:

1. D-Dance Workshops

You can find dates for these workshops under "Upcoming Events" and register on our website as well.  We would LOVE to see you!

2. Research

Our founder Deanna is also a researcher.  As a current Ph.D. Candidate in the Dance Department at York University she is interested in finding out how to help young dancers living with T1D continue to dance.  You can register to be part of her studies if you wish to as well.


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